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Although I agree with the reduction on corporate taxes, there is so much more to this then meets the eye. If the penalty for not having insurance is done away with, the Affordable Care Act will implode, the program will no longer be sustainable. The extra money that your boss may have given you, and that's a big IF, in your paycheck will be absorbed by the rising costs of premiums, if you are so lucky to have an employer provide you with this benefit. If you are not, and you get sick, or want to change jobs with a pre existing condition you will be left out in the cold. This reform is nothing short of a repeal of the ACA. It is a dagger to the heart of healthcare for millions of Americans. If you never get sick, never plan on getting sick, well then your good to go. But, we all know that death is as sure as taxes. The deficit will be so large that next year, when trying to balance a budget, something will need to go. Will it be Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security? It will be something, maybe all of those things. wedding wears with chapel or court train
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. The democrats are not obstructionist, we happen to care about these things and will not allow our party to get behind something that will effectively leave people on the streets and dying. This is NOT an exaggeration, this is truth in politics. God help us all if this gets passed in its current form. The hurt may take awhile, but hurt you will feel. Remember that time during the campaign when 45 was in a NYC restaurant and passed by a rich friend? Remember when he said I promise you, I'll get your taxes reduced? Well he's making good on his promise there, but what he is not doing is making good on his promise to MAGA for all Americans, only the golden is chosen. We did this to ourselves, we only have ourselves to blame. No man or woman should put their eggs in a basket filled with gold and promises, because the poor man's basket will break. It is only a matter of time, straw can not hold up, but golden eggs will.

AARP opposes Senate tax bill, calls Medicare cuts and Obamacare mandate repeal 'troubling' The Senate could start voting on a series of amendments to the bill Thursday, with a possible final vote late in the day or