wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party

* Strange *

Isn’t it strange how we never met someone whom we actually have known for years.

Latika was my senior in school. She was also my best friend. We lost touch after she moved to another city for college. After joining a common Facebook group I realized she was getting married soon. My birthday was also fast approaching, so we decided to meet up.

That was the time when I got to know Prateek.

Latika’s cousin Prateek added me on Facebook and I accepted his request because Latika used to bring him up in our conversations. When we were children, he had also visited my house a couple of times. So one day, he just initiated a conversation on FB and we kept talking. We have known each other for seven years but haven’t met because he was in Chennai and I lived in Delhi. Latika’s marriage was finally an opportunity to meet each other as adults. Needless to say, we were both very excited.

When I reached the airport, he personally came to receive me. Although he was quite prompt on texts, I realized he was soft-spoken in real life. I kept turning and looking at him the whole duration of the drive. He was Good looking and Indeed chivalrous.

On the Mehendi & sangeet night, I asked Prateek to dance with me and after he refused my offer several times, I started dancing with another guy to see if it would affect him at all. He was staring at me but there were no signs of jealousy in his expressions. “Am I not looking Good, Is there something wrong with my Dress? Hope I’m not acting like a desperate teenager?” These were all the questions badgering my mind nonetheless I was craving for his attention because along with Latika I came here for him too. After the event, I went out to the balcony to get some fresh air and he came to me with a plate of food. I didn’t want to eat at all, but he insisted because I hadn’t had anything the whole day. And I did, vividly smiling that he did notice me. That too throughout the day. wears with sleeves cater for homecoming party

“Isn’t it strange” I said pulling my hair strands together blewing in wind

“What” He asked

“How we never met someone whom we actually known from years?”

“Hmmm..We picturize a person by their Timeline and texts”

“I always believed you’ll be very interactive and straightforward (He raised an eyebrow and smiled) I mean you are!! But you are bit Caring and Shy too”

He looked at me and I shifted my Gaze to the City traffic visible from the seven stories Balcony.

“I also believed you’ll be just like the one in your profile pictures” He said

“So Did I disappoint you” I asked

“Yes.. A little bit” I glared at him like an Angry emoticon “You’re more Gorgeous in Real as compare to behind to Camera Lens” He clarified.

Soon, in a matter of a few moments, there was some kind of confusion and because it was getting late and we girls were expected to go back to our hotels. And right then Prateek turned to me and said, “If you would like to dance me, I would love a second chance.”

I smiled back and blushed all my way back to the hotel.

After Latika, He was the only one I spent the next 3 days with. He went on to say how I was once his childhood crush and how lucky he feels that we finally got to meet again.

At the completion of the wedding when Latika was leaving with his Groom She hugged everyone and Bid goodbyes. She gave a flying kiss to Prateek and winked at me. Of course being my Senior and Prateek’s elder Sister she knew something was cooking by now.

Next morning I was standing at the Reception of the Hotel checked out and waiting for my cab to the Airport when I received his call.

“All set to go?”


“Mind If I drop you to the Airport?”

“Actually, I have already ordered a Cab”

“Ohh..Would you mind to share that with me then?”

“Hmm.. I don’t mind” I giggled

Few minutes later He arrived. We sat in the Cab and it drives away to the airport.

“This is for you” He handed me an envelope

I opened it and there were few Photographs of me from the last few days. Beautifully captured, all Candid ones.

“Oh never saw you taking those” I smiled

“Hope I’m not getting a Pile on”

“As in?”

“As in Boarding the Cab with you and capturing you without your consent”

“Prateek. These captures are great and so were the last few days with you, In fact I didn’t have any idea that it would be so much fun. But yeah coming to the airport just to drop me wasn’t necessary. I would’ve managed”

“Who told you I’m here to drop you?”

“What?” I frowned

“I have a flight to catch” I was still looking at him in baffle when he waved his ticket.

“So you’re..”

“We are boarding the same flight, same airlines just different seats though” He winked

“You are something” I smiled

“So you’re not gonna ask me why I’m going Delhi with you?”

“Ohh you Bet.. I was about to” I lightly punched him in the chest

“I was certain that whenever I’m gonna tell you that I’m in love with you you’ll definitely going to act like a bit Crazy Madwoman and would say that apart from our online chats it’s just four days that we had interacted and we both need some more time So, here we are. A three Hour flight will be good for a first step.” He spoke in one breath

“I would’ve never acted like a crazy Madwoman!!” I snapped

He gave me a long smile “I just told you that I’m in love with you and all that you heard was “crazy Madwoman”?!”

I placed my hand over his and we burst into laughter. The flight also went well as we luckily got seat next to each other. Another Best Three hours of my life in the Air. That was two years ago. We travelled in many flights together after that.

Today I’m gonna meet Latika again. That too at another Sangeet functions. Strange isn’t it? Because this time it is mine. I’m getting married to Prateek the Day after tomorrow.

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