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Weird and freaky shit IS actually happening!?!?

Ok, how do I start?... Well... Just like this, I reckon.

Like a lot of people, I suppose, I never seriously thought much would REALLY happen with these investigations to be honest.
I've seen some weird shit in my life and I've had a long standing interest in all things occult but realistically I didn't expect much more than maybe a few cold chills, a few cheap thrills and some goosebumps now and then, while hanging out in dark creepy places....

I now know differently!!!

See, when Jekyll travelled to Vietnam to learn how to become a 'Lich Tongue' from some of the most experienced dudes (apparently) on the planet, I kind of thought "Oh ok.. That's....nice..and a bit different.."
and, I really didn't think much would come from it actually...

That was, until Jekyll got really sick.

It was obvious to us that something really bad was happening. His family, his friends, we were all pretty worried that maybe he'd gotten himself into something far out of his depth.. Something really dangerous... His Vietnamese Spirit Guide dude was saying it was because one of the rings he wears that has had Hungry Spirits put into it, was actually full of suicide victims and THEY were what was causing all the sickness... tea calf length mother of the bride or groom outfits

I don't know, I was quite worried too, but I still wasn't sure.... I can be a bit cynical at times.

To his indomitable credit, and through persistent help from his Vietnamese Spirit Guide, Jekyll eventually pulled through and finally came good again, much to the relief of us all, no doubt.

Then we got the radio........

..and this thing... Freaked us the fuck out!!

What happened the day we turned it on, and just after hearing of it's history, no less, will stay with me forever...

There are some seriously freaky times ahead, of that, I am dead set sure....

Read on, and see for yourself what this thing did that day and what we reckon it will more than likely do, on all our further investigations to come!

Enjoy and stay tuned!