tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

Sixteen years Debbie and I have been going strong! Our first date I may have broken a rule... I was looking forward to finally having a date with just the two of us, and found out that Debbie had actually invited a bunch of other people to come! Desperate for some one on one time, I showed up an hour early to her house! Haha. The plan was working... One by one people started to cancel. Maybe I would have that solo date after all! No. Lol poor tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion Jill was a trooper and showed up for support to Debbie. Sorry for making you suffer through that awkward date Jill! We watched Billy Madison and The Grinch. At the end of the night I played it cool and just went in for a respectful hug, but DEBBIE decided she wanted to give me a kiss on the first date! Haha! I did flips all the way to the car and the rest is history. I love you babe! I'll always remember our first date.