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Diabetes patient drink a cup of yogurt every day, what effect will it have?

For a long time, diabetic patients have a more extreme view. "I have diabetes, and all foods containing sugar will damage my health and is not conducive to blood glucose control, so I will not eat all kinds of sugary foods!" This view is completely wrong!
Because of natural food in our daily life free of sugar or starch basically does not exist, and after special processing and composition does not contain sugars and carbohydrates and can not meet the nutritional needs of the body, the body loses its sugar and starch supply will collapse, will only make your life quality is low, and even premature the end! And diabetic patients if only eat protein and fat food, it is likely to appear hypoglycemia, or even ketoacidosis, is very dangerous!
And although the yogurt containing sugar, its glycemic index is not high only 48, compared with rice 83, white noodles 81 is very low, and yogurt rich in lactic acid and protein, lactic acid can inhibit gastric emptying, thereby slowing the blood sugar, and protein digestion and absorption slower, while the presence of protein and carbohydrate absorption will be slower, the rate of blood sugar will not be so fast, therefore, diabetic patients do not have to worry about adding extra sugar in yogurt will lead to excessive increase in blood sugar is not conducive to disease control! short items to wear for older bride of the wedding
What are the benefits of drinking yogurt
Improving lactose intolerance: many people suffer from abdominal discomfort after using milk. This is because milk is rich in lactose, while some people lack the enzymes to decompose lactose and cause lactose to be unable to digest. Lactose intolerance exists in many elderly people and children, while lactose in yogurt is decomposed most during fermentation. Yogurt can improve symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Prevention of type two diabetes: the study found that people who often drink yogurt are less likely to develop type two diabetes.
Improve constipation: drinking yogurt every day can relieve constipation symptoms.
Promote calcium absorption: sour substances in yogurt can improve calcium absorption rate in foods, prevent bone loss and osteoporosis in old people, and reduce the risk of fracture after fall.
Improve Helicobacter pylori eradication rate: Modern Medicine found that many stomach diseases are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, often drink yogurt can improve Helicobacter pylori eradication rate.