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I remember vividly the first day i saw you. It was in my first year in college, I was invited to your fellowship by Uche my course mate. Before i could enter the old building with washed out walls which served as the fellowship venue, i could hear your voice a few distances away as it tore through the hot Wednesday afternoon like a nightingale singing in the dark cold night.

I was mesmerized by your being that day as i entered the venue. Could someone be this beautiful? i asked myself severally as you closed your eyes and placed your left palm on your stomach, letting out a melodious cry from it's depths with the other hand raised to the sky. I was touched by the lyrics of your song, "Goodbye world, i stay no longer with you.....". I became a full member of the fellowship and even joined the prayer team.
"Hello am Brother Daniel" i introduced myself one sunny afternoon after a prayer session. "Hy Bro Daniel. Am sister Chika" you said batting those eyelashes gracefully like a custom made barbie doll. We became friends and drew closer, in the faith. We even held deliverance sessions together with other brethren.
Towards my final year, as the only son, my parents pressured me to get married immediately i graduate. i couldn't think of anyone who would make a great wife except you. you are beautiful, the grace and innocence which you radiate could be equated to that of a new born which makes the heart of all who look at it to melt with love and an unbridled joy. I told you about my intentions and you said that you would pray about it. The Lord must have been on my side because you told me the following week that the Lord said yes. I was Overjoyed. My love increased more and more and we began a holy christian courtship.

Our troubles began that fateful Saturday during my last semester in school when you came to my room to collect fliers for the outreach we would have the following day. Sister Juliet was supposed to come with you but she said she wasn't feeling fine. "Welcome sister Chika" I had said that day in my usual cheerful disposition exposing my immaculate dentition with a diastema which made my jaw look like it was handcrafted by Michelangelo himself.
"Thanks Bro Dan" you had said and shook me, i felt a cold shudder run down my spine and all the blood that would have gone to my brain to help facilitate a useful thought all flowed down to my nether regions giving me one of the most memorable boners of my life. How could this be happening? I am a christian. I am a very strong prayer warrior. I even see visions sometimes when i pray. How could my flesh just give in so quickly?.

You must have felt the same way i did because the shake lingered for a while before we both came back to our senses and disengaged our interlocked digits. "Have a seat" i said awkwardly, stressing the seat like a habitual stutterer. you smiled and sat on my worn out gray reading chair which was once white in color. I rushed out and got a ground nut and seven up drink for you which took a lot of convincing from me before you acquiesced to take the soda.

"I will be going now" you said after the soda. I nodded and brought out the flier. My fingers brushed against yours again as i tried to hand you the fliers and the shudder that I felt was more tumultuous than the last. "Okay good bye I said and tried to give you a goodbye hug. When I hugged you, I was mesmerized by the enticing smell of your neck, I was so confused, was it your blood that I smelt or was it the perfume you applied?. I couldn't let go. The hug lingered and just like a vampire who couldn't resist the smell of the pulsating blood through the jugular i sniffed your neatly packed hair. You shuddered and held me closer.

"I have already proposed to her, she's practically my wife" I said with a raspy breath as I began to kiss your neck softly and you began to moan slowly. I must have been insane that day because I scrubbed your neck and ears with my tongue. I slowly unzipped your Cinderella gown from behind and you grabbed my trouser, squeezing my sword and my sacs. We were moaning like dogs who were copulating for the first time and really, it was both our first times as we were to learn later.

I graduated from kissing your neck and planted my lips on your mouth which were soft like the fur of the mane of a young mule. I was totally unclad now as I stepped backward slowly and fell on top of the bed and you landed gently on top of me. Within Minutes your gown was at the other side of the room as you hopped up and down on top of me screaming the names of whatever good that exist in the universe. I grabbed your upper body and kissed you gently and just like the greedy boy who steals food from his mother's boiling soup pot before it is well cooked, we had premature sex. I must admit, it was a sensual moment and in fact before that day, I had never felt that way before. The euphoric experience, the ecstatic feeling and the undulating joy which occurred as our prepubescent bodies brushed against each other quickly evaporated and turned into a feeling of emptiness and regret immediately you climbed down. on sale wedding options With Lace Appliques

"Am so sorry, I didn't mean to lead you to sin" you apologized. That was just a reason I liked you more, your innocence, your ever-ready to apologize attitude. I also apologized to you after I helped you get your clothe from where you flung it during the heat. We knelt down immediately and prayed, asking God to forgive us and making far-fetched promises that we would not do it again.

That resolution lasted only a week because I came to your room to apologize again because I was feeling guilty every time I looked at you each time we were praying at the fellowship. You offered me a seat and gave me biscuits your aunt brought back from France. Again, libidos were running high and we jumped at each other, tearing off our clothes and making love filled with unspoken passion. We knelt down again and prayed, begging God to forgive us and that we would never do it again. But I knew better, I knew better than to believe that the resolution would last longer than five minutes because we tore off our clothes again and jumped onto your flowery bed. We were like kids who had discovered a new way to play, a new addictive and intoxicating hobby as we explored our bodies.

After that day I began to see you as a sex object. I am sure that you thought the same of me because each time you got bored, angry or too happy, you would call me and we would make love through out the day. We didn't bother to ask God for forgiveness again. He understands, after all the righteous shall fall seven times and rise seven times, that was our believe- how naive!.

During my youth service days you would come and spend weekends with me. We usually start making love from the door flinging our clothes and throwing them off in various directions like leaves falling from a tree in the harmattan season. We thought that we were in love, at least i thought i was irrevocably in love with you.

After your graduation, we got married. It was one of the chicest weddings in town. Your mother boasted to other women how her daughter kept her virginity till marriage. Our fellowship brethren congratulated us for not giving in to the desires of the flesh. Our wedding night was uneventful, there was no need to be expectant of opening a package one had already opened several times in the past. Although we have it all now and I love our son so much, I must admit that I am in a loveless marriage. I thought i loved you but it was just your body that i wanted. No wonder Solomon said not to awaken love until it is time, We wanted so much to be adults then, now look what has happened to us. I wish we could be strangers again.

So please I wish you would sign the divorce papers I enclosed with this letter, it would not only make me happy but I am sure it would make you happy as well because it is blatantly obvious that you are tired as well. Each time I leave you alone with another man, I worry that you might sleep with him, if you could easily have sex with me because I promised you marriage, who knows what else one can promise you to get your back on the bed sheets. Again, i hope you can understand my plight.

-Your 'faithful' husband,