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Dr. Edward Omane Boamah ,

I greet you. To begin with, I want you to honour this call and shame the devil.

In 2009, when your party had taken power, specifically in the month of August, you were the Deputy Minister for Environment, Science and Technology right?
Alright, never mind answering. I mean don't stoop low as prescribed by the arrogance in 'pigs' analogy party to answer an obvious rhetorical question.
Same time that period, there was a pandemic of H1N1 (Swine Flu) in Ghana. Are you aware?
Ok. Let me rephrase. Did the former President (May He Rest in Peace) mismanage it?

There was an importation of Tamiflu to curb the menace. Dr. Can you kindly confirm that, ever since we blessed you with our taxes as a deputy minister and subsequently, minister, former President John Mahama's Spokesperson, you were not privy to such an information? lace decorated with backless styled items for the wedding
So Ghana, if I may ask became a laughing stock. Is that correct?
Did you fumigate the area, community that was affected or you evacuated the entire community after vaccinating them to prevent further spread?
Did you know a child who was innocent of all these jokes was affected?

Boss, are you aware, Ghana has received the same vaccine over the weekend to administer?
Or it is politics as usual?

Help me with answers.