lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding

This dream was BIG TIME "BIZARRE"!!! I'd forgotten the longtime camera store in Long Beach, CA, that everyone knew and used back in those days---high school "daze". Why I dreamt about it is answered at the end of this post. I dreamt I was needing a ride somewhere and this guy stops his clunker---one of those '60s cars that were made of steel and "three-on-the-tree" tranny and those ugly gray raspy upholstery that smelled like a wet dog from the dump. The guy's got his family inside and a guy in the back seat below the rear window, sitting next to the window under a pile of what looks like asphalt, but later turned out to be some black cinders. It's piled up over one shoulder down over his right leg. "What da hey?" I hollered. It was lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding Bob Morris and not looking too happy. "Never mind...get in," he grunted. [it's a dream, folks] There were two long, one-piece seats in the back, but one was missing. "What's with the pile of cinders doing all over ya?" I asked. "You won't believe me if I told ya," he said sighing from frustration. "We've gotta pick up Capt. Bob Robert Hendrickson and get over to Mr. Tuttle's little girl's B-day party." "Tuttle? THE Tuttle from, like, cameras kine Tuttle?" I asked. "Yeah," Bob said. I'm all questions to Mr. Tuttle about how he had his hands full when the yearbooks came around for all the schools in Long Beach. And at graduation, Valentines Day, Homecoming, etc. etc. etc. WOKE UP.....! Capt. Bob Robert Hendrickson had a cameo scene in the dream, and never got an answer how that pile of cinders got poured over Bob Morris but I saw him carry it over to the birthday girl's little garden plot with veggies in it. WHY TUTTLE? Before bed, I watched the "M*A*S*H" episode where Hawkeye and B.J. 'cock-a-roach" supplies for the Korean orphanage and the Mother Superior asked who is the thoughtful Captain that "authorized" all the goodies? Hawkeye says, "Captain Tuttle....." That's all Folks