golden colored items to wear of the wedding

When you want to wake your wife up at 4:00 in the morning and thank her for being so good to you but you know she don't play that "waking her up before her alarm goes off" stuff. Last memory I have last night before I went to sleep is her saying that she was tired. I am not walking AGAIN. She treats my feet and ankles every night trying to keep my arthritis minimized. Every night. But over the past few months my knees have got bad. Don't know if it is arthritis or if I have hurt them. But she ran over that house for me last night. Ran over that house for the kids last night. She gets up at 6. Never even set down til after 11 when she finally went to bed. All because she is doing for her family. Sometimes there is no way to pay back a person for being so good to you. And I know I never can. But I thank you Ann for doing for me when I can't do for myself. Going through a challenging time in my life. If not for her I would have gave up and thrown in the towel months ago. Thank you for being all I need. golden colored items to wear of the wedding