golden colored items in the prom occasions

Sometimes I get it right. So I board my flight this morning, small commuter plane, two seats on either side of the row. Seated in the window seat next to me was a young woman who was obviously nursing a horrendous cold/flu/viral plague. Her pale face would periodically contort as she snuffled, sputtered and sniffled while she sipped at an enormous bottle of what appeared to be some sort of juice/vitamin laden concoction. Her eyes, glazed, no doubt by a Sudafed induced haze, made no contact with mine. My first thought was, this is only a 45 minute flight, keep your scarf up and face turned and suck it up. Then she started coughing and I said half aloud -- Oh. Hell. No. I glanced around the cabin and determined there were at least 6 empty seats on this flight. As luck would have it, the lady from the ticket desk was making her way down the aisle and I caught her eye. "May I move to another seat?" I said jerking my head slightly towards my wretched seat mate. "This girl is quite sick." The agent took one look at her and told me to chose from any of the empty seats, so I took one of the extra room seats way at the front and was I ever glad I did. We ended up an extra hour on the ground while they checked out a glitch in the computer. golden colored items in the prom occasions # smallvictories # alwaysspeakup