formal party garments for teen girls

WITH ALL THE WEDDING I'VE ATTENDED, I see that every woman has her own vision of the perfect wedding day. While the goal of this once-in-lifetime event is always the same-- to pledge your life to the person you love not only for who he is, but for who you are when you are with him--the details of what each woman wants her Big Day to look like are as different as fingerprints. There are women who like white and women who like ivory, women who like sit-down dinners and women who like buffets, women who like hats and women who like veils, women who like goo-gobs of guests and women who swear that eloping is the only way to say "I do" without losing a substantial part of your sanity, not to mention your savings. Some women want a simple, uncomplicated ceremony that's completely free of fuss. (Barefoot and wearing a silk-chiffon slip dress under a simple wrap, in a no-frills sunset ceremony on a beach.) Some women want a fancy, over-the-top ceremony that pulls out all the stops. Some women want their dress--a white satin Escada gown featuring a tulle embroidered shirt and a 10-foot train. The head-piece--a $500,000 diamond tiara. The ring--a 5,5 carat, white-gold band encrusted with more than two dozen diamonds. The cake--a five-tier oval number topped by a scale model of the swing on which you can be proposed. As entertaining as I found reading about the details of my friend Venessa's wedding day (Did I mention her $85,000 diamond earrings, 10 bridesmaids and a 3.5 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring?), I did not envy them. In fact, does all this wish list make a good marriage life? I pray God bring me someone I can spend my life with, after the festivities ended and the last guests had gone home. Yes, I'm sure that woman is out there and will make my toast a guarantee as my bride. I know that when you marry the right person, things don't have to be perfect. Mmmmwah! I wish us a happily Ever after. I love you formal party garments for teen girls