extra sized wearing in formal situation

What has happened to this country?

There used to be a saying in this country "Fair go"

Now I think its been changed to "Fair Game"

Governments at all levels and utilities are looking at the average Aussie battler and saying what else can we do to make life more difficult?

We have the highest taxes, council rates and other tariffs than a lot of other countries and still they want more. No bloody wonder all our manufacturing is going off shore when the average worker must ask for more money just so they can afford to pay the taxes and bills that come in every week.

How is the average worker expected to get to work when petrol is priced at $1.47 per liter? and the public transport network is overcrowded and under performing?

Where is the "Fair Go" sentiment in a red light camera fine? They are even issued at .04 of a second after the red. And why do drivers rush the red? Because VicRoads has set up a traffic management system based on stopping the traffic at every intersection, every freeway interchange, around every corner with road works, and any other opportunity they get. We have traffic light sequences where the green arrow lasts only 5 seconds. People are still checking facebook in that time. We have lights that are not synchronised with the next set. We have light controlled intersections where there is a pedestrian crossing less than 50mts away and still they cannot synchronise those lights to keep traffic flowing. extra sized wearing in formal situation

When you get to the end of Punt road and look up the hill to Brighton road all you should be able to see is green lights. Then Punt road will not be congested.

What about this. For various financial reasons we decided to change the type of credit card we have. Prior to doing that, I had set up to pay - on time - our car rego. (I won't start on what I think of the over inflated price of registrations). Anyway, when we changed the card type, I forgot to set up the payment instruction again and as a consequence, the bill went unpaid. Now, there used to be a grace period. And if you were caught in that grace period, while the copper was checking to see if your tyres were road worthy, you could phone through a payment. Not these days.

My wife gets pulled up in a well maintained, clean car with all the number plates attached, no damage to the outside, clean car, no burn out or smoking tyres around the corner and the only thing wrong is the rego is overdue by a FEW DAYS. We are not talking weeks, we are talking just days. $790.00 fine on the spot. We hadn't even received the reminder notice in the mail.

Let the friggin dark skinned hoon go by smoking his tyres in his barely road worthy heap whilst you write the ticket. Can't book him because for some reason these days it's legal to remove the rear number plate from your car and if you booked him that would be racial profiling and his feelings might be affected.

Gas prices - we sell gas to our overseas "friends" cheaper than the Australian pensioner can buy it. A person who has worked a full life and paid taxes all that time but now must freeze in winter time and eat cold meals because they cannot afford to buy a necessity. That same pensioner will probably burn down the house because they left a candle burning they used to read the bill that they had to pay extra to have posted to them.

I went to the Drs. in Werribee last weekend. To my surprise and shock during the middle of the day laying on the ground outside the window of the medical centre was what appeared to be a supposed homeless person. I couldn't really tell because the blanket didn't move the whole time I looked at it, but it definitely had a human shape.

Why wasn't this person up and about busily looking for work? It was daytime. Normal people don't sleep in the daytime. The government offers (courtesy of my tax payments) accommodation for genuine homeless people. Why wasn't this person in one of those facilities. Why were they not anywhere else but there dirtying up our streets in the middle of the day? When did we become so desensitised to this type of image to the point where it is accepted as normal.

Fair Go means getting up and doing something to earn what is being offered to you. Not lazing about on the street until the next hand out day.

Any way, the more I write the more FaceBook wants me to change my spelling to suit American dictionaries and that's just pissing me off further.