extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding

Our First Nations People have come a long way in the past 230 years because of our Resilience & Resistance but we as a people are still being Oppressed and Suppressed by Government legislation and laws an indictment against our people and not much has changed from what this picture shows of how we are being treated and portrayed in this country as our people are still incarcerated at the countries highest rates today 2017 with our Children imprisoned at 84% the highest rate in the world of any indigenous child imprisoned World wide and our Women incarcerated at a rate of 60% and our Men incarcerated at a rate of 50% this is an abomination a National disgrace on this country as our First Nations People only make up 3% of this countries general population our people are imprisoned at 9 times the rate of Apartheid South Africa when are these horrific statistics going to change and our people given their freedom and equality upon our own country the so called Lucky Country Australia . extra sized items with sleeves to wear for the wedding