extra sized garment for the prom occasions that with sleeves

The comment below is what I posted in the comments of my 1st post today...but here it is for everyone.

"My case and my mom's was combined for trail on February 5th. If we loose my attorney said I'm facing 1 to 2 years...not sure about my mom yet."

I'm really scared. For once in my life I didn't do anything wrong beside get verbally voicetrious and did a lot of cussing but when I tried to talk i got told to shut up by the officer. I got taken down and I was holding Elyi with my right arm while she had my left pinned. Then when I heard her say she was gonna taze me I all of a sudden didn't hear my dog growling or my mom yelling i heard nothing and only saw elyi and heard what the officer said and I dug my heels into the door step and pushed myself away from her because I knew if I was tazed it wouldn't affect me as much but injure elyi...he could have died. It was a civil manner and an innocent child with autism was injured and myself and now I could face prison. I haven't been able to speak my side what so ever. I haven't been able to prove myself innocent.. "guilty until proven innocent." (Said by extra sized garment for the prom occasions that with sleeves Trent Graubner and Billy Jacquart ).
Our family don't deserve this. I have a clean record and went to school and recived 2 degrees. All I want is freedom and the truth to be heard be able to finally speak my side and defend myself. It's so hard on me right now I can't sleep sense this happened in July and I've had PTSD sense I was a kid but now I suffer from anxiety and depression and have been having panic attacks. I can't eat because food isn't even appealing . I feel like I'm going crazy. Help me be heard an allow me to spanina you to court to be my character witness and go on the stand and tell the jury who I truly am. And ones who know my mom do the same for her as well. Please.