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Idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss in chronic renal failure

If dialysis is needed, hint of idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss in chronic renal failur was to first dialysis to stabilize the condition, and monitor the coagulation index to prevent the hypercoagulability.
Middle aged patients with chronic renal failure, not timely dialysis treatment. Sudden loss of left ear in quiet state, while it came back again after anticoagulation, nutrition nerve, oxygen therapy and dialysis treatment. Platelet function is abnormal in patients with chronic renal failure induced bleeding, and some patients VII factor and FIB levels elevate, thrombin formation increases, ATIII decrease, I.P(a) levels effecting plasma fibrinolytic system increase, also easy to cause the hypercoagulable state, forming thrombosis and embolism. Platelets were lower than normal, PT was significantly shorter than normal, and the content of FIB was significantly increased, suggesting that hypercoagulable state. The blood supply of inner ear is from the labyrinthine artery, without collateral circulation, reduce the blood flow under the quiet state, the formation or shedding of small emboli, causing labyrinthine artery branch blockage, affect the auditory nerve function, but the sudden onset ofthe disease, only the left ear hearing loss, cannot be used to explain this. destination garments for the beach wedding

The disease in patients with chronic renal failure: to reach the standard of dialysis should first select dialysis to stable condition, and then looking for other treatment methods, in the treatment process,patients should pay attention to monitor coagulation, as well on the alert of bleeding as attention to prevention and treatment of hypercoagulable state; unilateral deafness is considered idiopathic sudden deafness, anticoagulant therapy should be ease, thrombolysis could be used under tight monitoring, chronic renal failure complicated with idiopathic sudden deafness can restore hearing after active treatment.