courthouse wedding dresses

ONLY WISE WILL PREPARED BEFORE RAPTURE, PLEASE BE WISE, NO HEAVEN FOR YOU SINNER MAN For the sake of heaven do your restitution, all of them as the HolySpirit reminds you, do make peace with those you offended and forgive all those that offended you. no heaven for you second or third wife, leave that marriage. no heaven with that result gotten through exam malpractice, no heaven if you have boyfriend/girlfriend/ sugar mummy/ sugar daddy. no heaven if you drink alcohol and smoke weed. no heaven if you are snuffing, doing abortion, selling and using condoms. no heaven for you if you removed your womb or use pills in the name of family planning. no heaven for you if you lust after boys or girls. no heaven if you watch pornography and naked pictures. If you cheat people in business to get ungodly gains no heaven, no heaven for homosexuals and lesibians. no heaven for idol worshippers, liars, thieves. no heaven for mr and mrs worldliness with all their naked and worldly dressing. Those worldly films in your phone, those worldly songs you enjoy, those crazy/dirty jokes you laugh to can cost you heaven. no heaven for you with that demon (artificial hair) on your head, idols in your ears (earrings), idols on your neck(necklace, chains), on your hand (bangles/hand bands including those with church name), on your finger (ring, including wedding rings) no heaven for those that paint their body, perfume their body, bleach their body, perm/ relax/dye/spot wave their hair, wear naked dresses no heaven. no heaven for those that sell alcohol to people, fornicators are going to hell, masturbators are not going to any heaven, woman remove those trousers, no heaven with those short skirts and tight gowns, no heaven with those worldly haircuts. If you are in these group, repent today, make right the wrong you did, confess your sins, your abortions, your evil, confess Jesus, live holy and then you will get heaven. Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. (Heb 12:14) Song: Halleluyah Hosanna, Hosanna Halleluyah courthouse wedding dresses