cocktail dresses for tall women

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Aria walked to the peer like she did every night waiting for the man who wrote the letter. That night she didn’t think any different from the night before, or the one after that, each night she waited on the same spot at the peer just waiting with the letter between her slender fingers. The air that night was cool as the water crashed against the wood pillars that held the peer in its place. Her hair blowing in the slight breeze as a low fog began to lift off the water in a blanket that could cover the town in a white haze. Aria was a small woman, Petite for her age but not very short, she stood at five foot four with long black hair and stunning blue eyes like sapphires that’s sparkled with in the gleam of the moon. She had pale skin that looked like as though she was made from a soft cream, her lips looked as thought a heart had been placed ever so perfectly on the canvas of her skin. Wearing a white flowing dress the woman continued to wait, listing to the soothing sounds of the water. cocktail dresses for tall women

The year was 1802, Aria at the time was a young woman, 18 years in age and her father had planned a marriage to keep the family legacy alive. Having so much on her shoulders the young woman just wanted to run away, leave the home she knew and forget that she was about to be forced to wed. Sitting on her knees on the peer she closed her eyes and smiled in to the moon light, once again The man who wrote the beautiful letter with words of poetry had not come to the peer. Aria thought to herself for a moment before getting up and slowly walking back to the castle. Lifting her dress slightly she removed her shoes and dipped her toes in to water, it was cold on her feet but Aria didn’t mind the cold water. She felt free when she was away from the castle, almost safe to be out and away from her family who pranced her around like prize. After some time the young woman decided to walk back home, tomorrow was another night, and tomorrow she would wait just like she had so many nights before this one.

The next day she waited for dusk to arrive, she smiled and played the part of a happy wife to be as the party went on. Smiling and greeting people as they came in to congratulate her. That’s evening, Aria had waited tell the last door had closed and decided it would be the best time for her to take her nightly walk to peer. Smiling she pulled on a clock and headed for her secret exit, slipping away in the night she briskly walked tell she was far enough away from the castle. Aria thought that tonight would be different, the air was different and breeze was fresh and not crisp like the night before. Slowly the woman reached the peer and sat at the waters edge, smiling to herself as she gently ran her slender finger tips through the water. Humming softly a tune she found extra calming she once again closed her eyes and let her pale cream like skin take in the gentle rays of the moons bright glow.

Arias heart began to race, upon hearing someone walking in the near distance. Standing She clutched the letter on her hand and held it close to her heart, trying to raven out he breathing she spoke. “H..hello? Is someone there?” She asked in the softest of voices with a clear English accent, her voice was as thought she spoke with a tongue made from the softest satin fabrics. “Are you the one who wrote such beautiful poetry?” She asked shaking slightly. Aria waited with anticipation, to see if the man who spoke to heart with words so of such Beauty that it could have been written by Apollo himself.