DressAfford prom party wears specially designed for seventeen

Sharing a post I made earlier-
Fellow Alumni,
A lot of you know Michelle Creciun Hollenback. Her family is facing a critical situation. Her husband Tom has been in the hospital and has congestive heart failure and renal failure due to we think diabetes. We are not sure but they are on their way to get the results of the kidney biopsy as I make this post. As you may guess his condition is to say the least dire. He has been the sole income for the household and of course can no longer continue to work. Steps have been taken to start his disability but that is a drawn out process. His medical insurance lapsed. This family needs help. There is also a granddaughter living in their home who has Asbergers syndrome. I make this post asking for help not because they need help for Christmas,all gifts were bought long before Tom went into the hospital. Not because they need food. Their freezer is full. I make this post to get them help until his disability starts or something else happens. There has been a GoFundMe set up but there is also an account at People's Bank- ThomasH Medical Fund. They need help paying medical bills and in all honesty day to day living expenses. Bills don't stop coming in just because someone is sick. I know everyone is tight financially during the holidays but they really need our help. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. If you can't send money, a card with a uplifting note would be just as appreciated. DressAfford prom party wears specially designed for seventeen
115 Marsh Creek, Anderson 296260 is their address.
Please help if you can and share this post as much as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this and most importantly,please keep this family in your prayers!