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In the process of searching for a picture to depict small beginnings, there were quite a few with seeds and new growth.
I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years now. One would be tempted to say, it's been 30 years! How long should you wait for that seed to sprout and grow into a large tree?

Oh my! this precious thought hit me when I coupled that potential worldview thought when these pictures of seeds. My life sermon is on the sower and the seed. If you get that one simple story, many of life's mysteries will be revealed.

So much to preach on this, will try so hard to keep this to the point.
EVERY single thing a plant need is in the seed.
Got this: A human seed, semen is only a 1/2 cell. It is not complete nor can it have any lasting value until it is planted. That sperm literally dies and gives itself to the egg. Neither the sperm nor the egg has a brain BUT together, the brain is the first thing that is formed.

A plant seed is NOTHING until it is planted (ok, hydroponics, that I don't claim to understand but it still must come into contact with something completely different than itself - dirt / water....

This is the most amazing thing to me: Neither the seed nor the soil has a brain. Even when they start to divide cells and grow...there is never a brain, spinal cord or even one thing that resembles a nerve. Yet, everything that this plant needs, from the first sprout to death, all of the healing, all of the circulation, sex hormones, the blueprints for fruit - that is totally different than the plant are in this one seed. And the seed has to die first. What???? Oh my. So life comes from death, forms all this in a seed that looks nothing like the fruit and yet the fruit will contain more seeds. I know if you skim through this and not really read it, you will miss it altogether. DressAfford chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

The seed
That dies
Has all of the power to seek nourishment, energy and the ability to manufacture all that it needs in one tiny little package.
And it makes more seeds.
With no brain.
No spinal cord.
No internet.
And with all of our knowledge, with all of our resources, we can not make yet one seed.

So what powers up this seed?
When a sperm is planted into an egg, you would be tempted to believe that the mother is supplying the energy, that there is life in the egg and sperm. Yet when the egg and sperm are alone, even in the mother or father... they die. Only when they are together they live. And they can be in a petri dish, not for a human to live. So what powers this life? How do these 2 1/2 cells develop? it's not the brain as they have not yet even created the brain.

So there is the same with the seed. What powers it? Again, no brain.

Side note: When chiropractors claim that our "innate" our inborn abilities to heal and know, etc. come from the brain and spinal cord, I say NO! The egg and sperm have innate before the brain and spinal cord. Acupuncture does not use any nerve pathways but stimulates the innate, therefore, not anything to do with the spine. Do I believe in the power of a chiropractic adjustment to stimulate the innate through the movement initiated to the vertebra? Absolutely, but innate is NOT stored solely in the brain or spinal cord but instead in every cell and an extremely underappreciated serum/interstitial fluids of the body.

Anyway, what is this power?
In Genesis the word says that::
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

It is the breath of God! This is passed from Adam to Eve, then to every living human through the umbilical cord. Wait.... I used to think this until this very moment. That breath of life is in the cells as life starts when those 2 1/2 cells come together, before the egg is implanted, and certainly before the umbilical cord is formed.

Here is the next one: And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
Got that? And God said.... He spoke. The spoken word of God created the first plants and the seeds of those plants continue to carry the spoken word of life from God.

So here is the deal.
EVERYTHING you need is in the seed.
The spoken word of God is in the seed.
Each seed has a time to sprout. it has a knowing.
Each has a time to be born.

The seed
That has LIFE!!!!!!

Everything I need is in the seed.
What comes from the seed looks NOTHING like the seed.
Now, when you come from your mothers womb -
It is nothing like the sperm or the egg.
It is nothing like flowing in the uterus before implantation.
There is no more cord to yank on.
No more bladder to kick.
No contant heart beat.
No more darkness.
No constant 98;6

You had nothing, not one thing, to give you any clue as to what the OUTSIDE would look / feel / taste / sound / smell like, absolutely no frame of reference.
How can we even presume to know what the Lord has in store for us?

It is a beautiful mystery.

Anyway, the seed, the small beginnings is not a bad place. Most are so much in a hurry to be a tree that they miss the beauty and power in the seed.