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A woman who was raped, don't make up rape and leave their homes with internal injuries, walking on foot for 10-20 days, 500-600 miles bleeding, without food and shelter just so they can accuse their own government who has every authority over them.

Do you even know how much those women and girls have to suffer at the cost of coming out with these rape allegations? Do you know the cultural dynamic of a population and think that these people just live happily ever after when the interviews are done? Do you think they face no retaliation from the community and the outside world?

Those are just a few things outside of internal trauma and experiences that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

I deplore you, and what you stand for. If you think politics is standing for something other than humanity or at least, human decency, I don't think serving people is right for you.

Wow... Out of touch is the least crude words I can use describe you, Daw Sukyi. As a woman, I can't believe the deeply ingrained misogyny you have just displayed. I'm sad you are a woman. I'm sad you got into power and use it for your own gain. I'm sad that Burmese people still think you are there for them, especially women, but no, you are there for yourself. Dress Affordable items to wear in prom for girls that like cinderella

If feminism means anything, it's that we fight to dismantle misogyny to its last thread.

# feminismforall