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One thing i need to let out there i dont give 2 fucks about how anyone feels or play like they give a fuck about us moving and being away. we was in washington for over a week and none of u who are crying u miss Zayne, fat and or I didnt even fucking call or try to even put something together.. One of my son realized alot coming up there and it killed to watch and i know its best i just be there and dont push his donor on him.. shit i watched the only family juju knows turn on her and pretty much show her they dont care to be there cuz she aint blood.. but as i talk to my kids they know my family got them and me and kristopher got them and they have a mom and dad as yes slim aint the best he is growing and becoming better we both habe had our issues but aint as bad as my past ever was so for someone to talk down on it when they was there when i was dealing with worst can fuck off. Kristopher as fucked up as dominic. Dominic use to be beat me all the time cuz he got cought cheating and other shit. Yes slim fucked up i have fucked up and we are better and changing for better life.. i am happy and my kids is happy to be home. and no one/no threats is gonna fuck that up no talk about taking my kids from me to get me away from him to calling cps. My kids will always be good and with me and it will be a cold day in hell befor bitch like u do anything.everything comes to light and messages do to.. if u think this is about u prob is so lace it up and walk. Dress Affordable grey colored items to wear of the prom

Sorry being so long needed everyone to know cuz alot is cut off .

Huge thank u to the few thats been here for me and babys on this move.