2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach

Good morning once again, lovely Mello FM people!
I've been a little low key, ... but following up on the notifications from this group ...
Well, I just got some sweet piece from another group that I wish to share here. read, and learn a thing or more!
Have a sizzling Saturday!

1. Wear something easy to remove, comfortable and sexy. Make the work of your partner easy to peel off your clothes to reveal naked you. Yummy lingerie, loose boxer. Sleep naked for best results 2018 latest wedding wears dressed in beach
2. Brush your teeth to encourage kissing
3. Don't carry work to bed
4. Minimize the use of phones or laptops, switch them off or put them on silent mode. Your partner needs attention, the bedroom is sacred
5. Move the baby to a separate room when the baby is of age. The child might have been conceived in the bedroom but is not meant to live in your bedroom that is an exclusive island for two
6. Man have that one spot besides her lips you kiss each night; whether it's her forehead, fingers, shoulders, back or ass. Woman, stroke him with your gentle touch, your fingers speaking love
7. Make a habit of praising each other's body, it makes you both comfortable and relax. Talk those bedroom matters
8. Pray together before you sleep, and when you wake up
9. Apologize and forgive if any wrong was done during the day. Don't sleep with a grudge or anger
10. Read your partner's body language. If you or your partner desires to make love, then rise to the occasion or wet up to the occasion; whether night or morning glory
11. Have pillow talks, open your heart and lips and talk intimate stuff. Say how you feel; are you troubled, grateful, broken?
12. Cuddle up when you feel sleep is fast approaching, drown into sleep as your bodies intertwine
13. Tell each other how much you mean to each other. Your partner never gets enough of your affirmation
14. In case one of you farts, laugh about it (some farts are unstoppable)
15. Cover your partner in case you wake up in the middle of the night and find your partner outside the duvet/ blanket
16. Kiss your partner when you come back from peeing in the middle of the night
17. Hold your partner close and pray when your partner wakes up terrified by a nightmare
18. Give a goodnight and good morning kiss
19. Spend some few minutes of love in bed even when the alarm wakes you up
20. Carry the love you have for each other even when you leave the bed